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Date: 9th September 2016
Copper Base Pcb Circuit Boards Manufacturer In China
PCB board SpecificationsPcb thickness:3.0mmLayer account:1-LayerSurface finished:HASL Lead freeLine width&space8/8milsFinished copper:1ozSolder mask:white;Material:CU copper base material.Certificates:CQC,ISO.TS16949,SGS,ISO9001,UL,ISO.14001,ROHSDelivery time:sample 3-5days,mass production:8-10days;Package details:vacuum pcb,inside bubble all inside,cartoon,ties outside strengthening;copper base pcb usually have a heavy gold copper substrate, silver plated copper substrate, tin copper substrate, copper oxide substrate resistance, etc.Copper substrate pcbCopper base board circuit layer with a lot of current-carrying capacity, thus should use thicker copper foil and the thickness of the general 35 microns to 280 microns;Thermal insulation layer is copper substrate core technology, the core component of thermal conductivity for 3 oxidation 2 aluminium and silicon powder and epoxy resin filled polymer composition, thermal resistance is small (0.15), viscoelastic can good, has the ability of thermal aging, able to withstand mechanical and thermal stress.KDPCB Advantages1--never set any moq for every pcb board order;2--shortest response for all clients need;3--reasonable competitive price with high quality;4--support "one-stop"service for part of clients;5--shortest delivery time on pcb board production;6--"5S"and ISO.TS16949 quality system control manufacture;7--professional,high communication,trustworthy;8--all kinds of pcb board manufacture are acceptable;9--TNT/UPS/DHL/FEDEX/special shipping agency support with lower price;metal core pcb boards includes aluminum base circuit board and copper base circuit board,even others steel base pcb board,aluminum core is normal material use in led lighting or others industry electronics,however,copper base pcb board is not the normal pcb among metal core pcb,cause of the material is too it also lead to copper base pcb price always higher.however,kdpcb pcb manufacturer has strong network with the best?copper base PCB material manufacturers in china, with kdpcb own metal pcb production line and years experience engineers, kdpcb can provide our customers copper core printed circuit boards with high quality, with a great variety of technologies of kdpcb,now we can control the production cost very well for lot of our clients,it means we can supply them with more better price.any others still confuse welcome to audit our kdpcb pcb factory.?We understand that:?1)you want solutions support not always make trouble to you ,2)you want what you need and not what a boardhouse wants to sell you.application fieldcopper base pcb are widely used in lighting,such as street lighting, lawn lamp, canister light,wash wall lamp, fluorescent lamp, stage lighting,electronic, mechanical,communication,automobile,heat dissipation requirements of industry fields and others.