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Date: 14th September 2016
Double Side Pcb Board For Consumer Electronics
what is double side printed circuit board ?the FR4 material has 2 copper trace, and also named as "Double Sided PCB" (D/S PCB), and PTH (Via) is a must, but it still doesn't has Buried or Blind hole. Components can be assembled on both top and bottom side, so you don't need to worry about where to put components on the board, and not need to use through hole components which is always expensive than SMD one.Currently this is one of the most popular type of PCB on the world.PCB board SpecificationsPcb thickness:1.0mmLayer account:2 LayerSurface finished:immersion gold,enig;Line width&space3/4milsFinished copper:1ozSolder mask:green;Material:FR4.Certificates:CQC,ISO.TS16949,SGS,ISO9001,UL,ISO.14001,ROHSDelivery time:sample 3-5days,mass production:8-10days;Package details:vacuum pcb,inside bubble all inside,cartoon,ties outside strengthening;double layer pcb boards structureTop silkscreen/LegendTop silkscreen/LegendTop Surface finishingTop Soldermask (overlay)Top TraceSubstrate/Core materialBottom traceBottom soldermask (overlay)Bottom surface finishingBottom silkscreen/legendKDPCB Advantages1--never set any moq for every pcb board order;2--shortest response for all clients need;3--reasonable competitive price with high quality;4--support "one-stop"service for part of clients;5--shortest delivery time on pcb board production;6--"5S"and ISO.TS16949 quality system control manufacture;7--professional,high communication,trustworthy;8--all kinds of pcb board manufacture are acceptable;9--TNT/UPS/DHL/FEDEX/special shipping agency support with lower price;KDPCB pcb manufacturer has over 10 years experience on double side pcb board fabrication,after years,now,kdpcb also built a long term cooperation with?KB group/ITEQ/ROGERS and others famous material supplier in china;for 2 layer pcb manufacture,now it's not the question about can or's about how fast,and how quality.kdpcb know the suitation clearly,and always keep quality oriented,rely on improve technology of production to reduce cost for customers,till now,our customers widely in many industry as well as others country.With us, you receive unparalleled technical expertise support for double side pcb manufacture or PCBA;we strive for our customers to feel that our service is so unique and valuable that they would want to work with us forever.We understand well that1)you want solutions support not always make trouble to you ,2)you want what you need and not what a boardhouse wants to sell you.application fieldTV, DVD, VCR, telephone, computer peripheral electronic, office electronic, audio electronics, communications, electronics,smart home electronics,DIY electronics,,power electronics,Duplicators,Electric typewriters,Fax,Calculators,Camera systems,Keyboards,Binding equipment,LED lighting,All-in-one printers,Money handling,Monitors,Mouse,Network hardware,Phone systems,Shredders,Paper folders,Scanners,Retail lighting,Printers,Projectors,Hard drives/video cards,Graphic production,Form buster,Label makers,Mailing equipment,Surveillance,Television,Vending machines,Voice recorder,Wireless networking,Solid state drives,Sound cards,Packaging equipment,Paper cutters,Power supplies,Check signers,Coffee makers,Cordless mouse,Desktop PCs memory and others.