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Date: 14th September 2016
Single Layer Immersion Gold Flexible Pcb Board
PCB board SpecificationsPcb thickness:0.4mmLayer account:1-LayerSurface finished:immersion gold;Line width&space4/4milsFinished copper:1ozMaterial:polyimide PI.Certificates:CQC,ISO.TS16949,SGS,ISO9001,UL,ISO.14001,ROHSDelivery time:sample 3-5days,mass production:8-12days;Package details:vacuum pcb,inside bubble all inside,cartoon,ties outside strengthening;KDPCB Advantages1--never set any moq for every pcb board order;2--shortest response for all clients need;3--reasonable competitive price with high quality;4--support "one-stop"service for part of clients;5--shortest delivery time on pcb board production;6--"5S"and ISO.TS16949 quality system control manufacture;7--professional,high communication,trustworthy;8--all kinds of pcb board manufacture are acceptable;9--TNT/UPS/DHL/FEDEX/special shipping agency support with lower price;FPC flexible pcb board structureFPC single flexible panel structure: the structure of flexible plate is the simplest structure of flexible plate.Base material + cellophane tape, copper foil is usually bought a set of raw materials, protective film + cellophane tape is another way to buy raw materials.First of all, the copper foil for etching process to get need circuit, such as drilling in protective film to show the corresponding welding plate.After cleaning with a rolling method to combine the two.Then the welding plate showing in part of electric plating or tin, for their own protection.So, big board is ready.General stamping into corresponding in the shape of a small circuit board.There are directly without the protective film on the copper foil seal resistance welding layer, so the cost would be lower, but the circuit board mechanical strength will become poor.Unless the strength requirement is not high but need to try to lower price, it is best to stick the protective film method.application fieldtelecommunications electronics;computer electronics;wearable electronics;consumer electronics;