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Date: 9th September 2016
White Solder Mask Mcpcb With HASL Surface Finished
what's aluminum PCB boards ?Aluminum plate with good heat dissipation function of metal base copper-clad.general single panel composed of three layers structure, respectively is the circuit layer (copper foil), insulation and metal base.For high-end use, also have a design for the panel for circuit layer, insulating layer, aluminum structure, insulation, circuit layer.Few applications for sandwich plate, can by ordinary sandwich plate with insulation layer, aluminum material.aluminum pcb advantages1)Meet RoHs requirements;2)More adapted to the SMT process;3)In the circuit design of thermal diffusion is extremely effective processing, thus reduce the temperature of module operation, prolong service life, improve the power density and reliability;4)To reduce the radiator and other hardware, including thermal interface materials, assembly, reduce the size of our products, reduce the hardware cost and assembly;Will power circuit and control circuit optimization combination;5)Instead of brittle ceramic substrates, better mechanical endurance.PCB board SpecificationsPcb thickness:1.2mmLayer account:1 LayerSurface finished:HASL LEAD FREE;Line width&space5/6milsFinished copper:1ozSolder mask:white;Material:aluminum.Certificates:CQC,ISO.TS16949,SGS,ISO9001,UL,ISO.14001,ROHSDelivery time:sample 3-5days,mass production:8-10days;Package details:vacuum pcb,inside bubble all inside,cartoon,ties outside strengthening;KDPCB is an Experienced Aluminum PCB Manufacturerkdpcb has been producing Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards (also called Metal base PCBs) for years. Although originally envisioned for use in the power-supply industry these substrates are now most widely used in High Brightness?LED products.kdpcb use the famous aluminum material supplier in china,we not only have 1000 series and 5000 series for your choose,but also we have others special at stock.KDPCB Advantages1--never set any moq for every pcb board order;2--shortest response for all clients need;3--reasonable competitive price with high quality;4--support "one-stop"service for part of clients;5--shortest delivery time on pcb board production;6--"5S"and ISO.TS16949 quality system control manufacture;7--professional,high communication,trustworthy;8--all kinds of pcb board manufacture are acceptable;9--lower price TNT/UPS/DHL/FEDEX/special shipping agency support;We understand that?1)you want solutions support not always make trouble to you ,2)you want what you need and not what a boardhouse wants to sell you.application fieldoutdoor high power led lighting;such as led street light,led RGB lighting and others high power electronics devices.Headlights,Traffic and signal lighting,Replacement,Elevator lighting,Operating room direct lighting,Aircraft passenger mood lighting,Solar power products,Highway tunnel lighting,High growth plant lighting,High speed algae growth for pollution control,Flashlight and camping accessories.